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Welcome HLS 1Ls!

Dear HLS 1Ls,

We at the Harvard National Security Journal (“NSJ”) welcome you to Harvard Law and invite you to get involved in our milestone fifth volume.  At NSJ, you will learn about editing, join an interesting community, and develop your resume.  Right away, you will have the opportunity to take on significant — and substantive — responsibilities.

NSJ publishes articles by some of the most renowned academics and practitioners in the field.  Complicated issues regarding the role of the Fourth Amendment in national security surveillance, separation of powers, executive authority in the Global War on Terror, and the legality of coercive interrogation techniques have challenged policymakers and lawyers in fields ranging from constitutional law to military law to human rights, and NSJ aims to foster dialogue about these types of critical issues.

No matter your level of experience or familiarity with national security issues, you can find a home at NSJ.  First years generally start out as staff editors, subciting an article each semester, but those with editing experience may apply for more substantive positions.  We also offer all staff members the opportunity to publish on our website.

Please explore our website, www.harvardnsj.org, to read our latest issue and to learn more about NSJ and our submissions process.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Many thanks,

Heather Alpino and Catherine Arney

Editors-in-Chief, Harvard National Security Journal, Volume 5


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